Friday, November 14, 2014

Calling all nurses with disabilities: Are you looking for a job?

Are you a nurse with a disability? Looking for a job?

How about posting a "Position Wanted" ad on this blog?

Just post your ad below in the comment section. Become a blog follower or follow with your email.

I will post the blog on various nursing groups (including groups of nurse recruiters).

Give it a shot! Paint your paradise!

Here are some examples of what you could post. Keep it short and to the point. Only include your email address.

Seasoned RN interested in a telecommuting or remote position. Experience in newborn nursing, public health, office nursing, surgical & emergency room nursing, school nursing and home health. Additional experience in case management, utilization review, chart reviews and worker's compensation chart auditing. Administrative experience as well.

Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area)
RN, with 35+ yrs. experience: hospital, hospice, home care, managed care, case management, discharge planning, clinic, UR, and QA. Looking for part time work (24 hrs/wk) with little standing/walking due to post-polio syndrome. Familiar with computer documentation. Desire work in an office setting or at home doing chart reviews, extraction, wellness coaching or telephone triage. Eager to learn and help.

BSN prepared nurse with 20 years experience in geriatric rehab and home care seeks home based position in telephone triage, hospice triage or similar position. Limited ambulatory ability. Motivated and eager to work. Excellent communication skills.

Keep us posted if you hear from anyone or land a job!

Good Luck!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Best jobs for people with disabilities....Ummmm?

An interesting article appeared in today. 

Susan Adams shared a list of jobs for people with disabilities compiled by Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast, a job listing and advice website run by classified advertising software maker Adicio.

A physician's assistant was included in the list along with the following comment: 

".......... where a disabled person might have first-hand experience and greater [sic] for patients with similar physical disabilities. Lee says this job can be especially appealing for veterans who may have lost a limb or have some limitation resulting from combat injuries, who may work with other disabled veterans."

Questions abound!

Who knows the "best" job for another person? Disabled or not....

And, don't many nurses and nurse practitioners have first hand experience with disability? Lost limbs? Or have limitations resulting from combat injuries?

Please feel free to share a thought or comment below....

Until next time,