Sunday, December 1, 2019

Legally deaf nursing student who uses a wheelchair is hero trying to save BART stabbing victim

Sophia Humphrey, Nursing student

     The San Francisco Chronicle reported......"Grabbing her phone discreetly, she texted police through an app that helps deaf people communicate, telling them she needed a police response to an assault aboard a moving train.

     Brim threw more blows at Williams and wrestled him to the ground, Humphrey said. At some point, a knife emerged. Humphrey didn’t see who pulled it out, but authorities later said it belonged to Williams. She knew then the situation had changed, and could turn fatal. Instinct kicked in. At 91 pounds, she knew she could not intervene without risking her life. But she had to do something. 

     Brim stabbed Williams in the neck. Then he stabbed him again, and again. A total of five to 10 times, Humphrey estimated. Thick, dark blood pooled on the floor.

     She desperately texted police to send an ambulance and to stop the train. It pulled into the South Hayward Station and Humphrey saw Brim flee, strip off his blue hoodie and run down the stairs. 

     Humphrey dropped her phone and slipped on the plastic gloves she had in her bag. She lifted herself from her chair, lunged onto the floor and wriggled over to Williams. He was gripping the wounds on his neck, but she replaced his hands with her own to apply pressure to the wound.
     Later, Humphrey, who is trained in first aid, realized that the experience erased the doubts she had just the day before about becoming a nurse. She knew she could handle herself well in an emergency. She said she was grateful she was there."

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Bravo Sophia!!!!