Sunday, April 19, 2020

Help for Indiana nurses stuck on suspension due to Covid-19

Lorie Brown, RN, JD

Channel RTV6 Indianapolis aired a piece about nurses on suspension in Indiana.

"Nurses who are on probation are forced to stay on suspension longer than expected because of COVID-19, the virus they could help fight if they were working."

"Dozens of nurses are waiting for the Indiana State Board of Nursing to reinstate their licenses, but they're not considering license suspensions right now."

"Lorie Brown is both a nurse and attorney. She's fighting for nurses who are currently suspended or on probation to return and aid in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic."

"There are nurses right now who are ready, willing and able to work," Brown said. "Their suspension time where they're eligible to petition the board to lift it is over. But since the board isn't meeting in person, they are not meeting to determine if these nurses suspensions can be lifted."

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P.S. Lorie is the real deal! I wrote a chapter, "Disabled Nurse Power: Stand, Sit or Roll in it!"in her book From Frustrated to Fulfilled.