Monday, October 27, 2014

Good for One Good for All……“Nursing From Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds”

No surprise….I read Elizabeth Scala’s new book through the lens of being an advocate for nurses with disabilities. While reading I paused often to ask, “How could a nurse or nursing student with a disability use this message?

The simple answer is that the book applies to all nurses—those struggling to remain in their current place of employment as well as those who are carving out new paths—particularly nurses with disabilities who are struggling to adjust to providing nursing care in new and different ways.

Are you holding on to the nurse you used to be prior to an illness, injury or disabling condition? Elizabeth teaches the reader that letting go can allow energy to flow and movement to occur. Letting go can also free us from pain. She teaches us to go “within to shift without.”

Reading the book will help you connect to your authentic self, your best nurse, and help you use your skills, talents and abilities to create the experience of your dreams. You will learn the healing power of thought and awaken or re-awaken your spiritual side.

Six simple steps can help you reconnect to the nurse within and create your personal roadmap.


Figure out your true heart’s desire.

Go after what you want, instead of away from what you don’t want.

Have a clear vision of where you are going.

Feel how it will be when that vision comes to fruition.

Be open to opportunities, insights, resources and synchronicities.

Have fun.

The book will also encourage you to examine how you show up as a nurse. Is your heart open?  Are you present? Head held high? Do others feel your energy? Is your love for nursing shining through?


Do you love you?

Love the good, bad and the ugly?

Love the parts of you that are sick or in pain?


New, seasoned or disabled nurse…..this book is a gift for you!  Learn to “show up” joyful…. heart open… have fun… and “choose” to walk unique, new paths in life and nursing.



Nursing from Within is an innovative and uplifting guide for nurses at all levels of the profession. Learn how to shift your inner perspective so you can enjoy the work of helping others, regardless of how stressful or challenging the environment you are working in may be. Are you ready to rediscover the joy and passion of nursing? ‘Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds’ is available now. Get your copy today by visiting Elizabeth Scala’s site, or purchase directly from




  1. Thank you so much, Donna. You are so right that this book is for any and every nurse wherever they may be on their path. I do enjoy your take on the letting go portion of the book and agree that this is so applicable to your tribe. While we may have experienced a shift in our lives, we must move forward and let go of any past desires we continue to hold onto. This will allow us to free up the space for someone even more wonderful to come our way! Enjoy the day and thanks for your review.