Friday, February 27, 2015

Save me...I can't stand my boss! Tips from Elizabeth Scala

"You name it; we’ve all had someone that we work with who we

cannot stand to be around.

Now most of you reading won’t want to hear this. But guess what?

It’s actually not the (boss/preceptor/professor/colleague/provider)

that is causing you grief. It’s you. And your perceptions of how you

think they ought to be treating you. How you want and need them to

be towards you. So let me tell you this right up front: you cannot

change another person’s actions. It is impossible to shift the

behavior of someone else. You can only be responsible for you.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. You are the reaction

that is responding to the treatment that another person is putting

out there."

Read more excellent advice from Elizabeth Scala author of

"Nursing from Within".

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