Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meet my co-authors: I promise they will inspire you!

Calling all nurses, students and supporters! 
I was asked recently to collaborate with ten other nurses on a new book, “From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System.”
To celebrate its release we’re holding a free telesummit on March 16-27, 2015…

The Empowered Nurses Book Telesummit:

 Rediscovering the Joy, Freedom and Passion in Nursing

I’m so excited for you to meet my co-authors, an amazing group of nurses!

If you’re in a hurry then go to this link right now to sign-up:

Are you frustrated because you love your career but you feel invisible and powerless to effect change and improve patient care? This telesummit is about getting back your power!

All of the nurses that contributed to the new book felt like I did – we loved our profession but realized that something was not quite right with nursing.  But we all found a way to rise above the problems and create a meaningful and fulfilling life for ourselves.

Each of us was interviewed for this telesummit. My interview is on, Disabled Nurse Power: Stand, Sit or Roll In It!. You’re going to be blown away with the practical advice and real-life tools that work– no matter how frustrated you feel – that will be shared at no cost from fellow nurses.

The interviews will be aired throughout the day so they’ll work around your schedule and whatever shift you work.

Just make sure you sign-up so you get access to this career and even life-changing information: 


Happy nursing!

Donna Maheady 

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