Friday, May 29, 2015

Yoga nursing....a gift to self!

The research evidence is in!

Yoga is so much more than exercise and postures.

It is about hope, light, breathe, presence and healing from

within. Yoga is mental, physical and spiritual.

A recent study from Vanderbilt University speaks to the benefits of

yoga to patients with cancer.

As a gift to yourself, consider taking a yoga class. Or, moving your

current yoga practice into a teaching role.

The "Yoga Nursing Essentials" program offered by Annette

Tersigni, the Yoga Nurse, will teach you the core principles of yoga

nursing (seven essential postures, basic yoga breathing techniques)

and prepare you to incorporate yoga nursing interventions into the

nursing process in a variety of clinical settings.

In addition, the program will provide you with the tools needed to

start your own business.

Learn how to heal yourself and help others increase quality of life.

Why not start today?  


YogaNurse Academy Essentials eCourse

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