Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sickle Cell Disease results in a promise to become a nurse

                                                                                          Cassandra Dobson, DNSc, MSN, BSN

September is Sickle Cell Disease Awareness month. A review of articles related to nurses who live with sickle cell disease shed the spotlight on Dr. Cassandra Dobson. 

As a child she was hospitalized in a severe sickle cell crisis. She recalls talking with God and saying,     

Get me out of this big guy and I'll become a nurse! 

And, that is exactly what she did. She became a nurse, professor, author and tireless, award winning advocate for patients with sickle cell disease. She is also an advisory board member of the Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network.

Cassandra received a scholarship from Columbia University to complete her dissertation on "Guided Imagery for Pain Management by Children with Sickle Cell Disease Ages 6 to 11."

Please read more about her journey and listen to a New York Times interview. 

We salute your work Dr. Dobson!

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