Monday, October 29, 2018

Study finds barrier mandates for Operating Room personnel do not reduce infection

On 10.24.18, the American College of Surgeons reported on a study impemented by Dr. Benjamin Kuritzkes and his team at Columbia University.

"The researchers studied 1,122 patients (mean age 52.7 years) who underwent abdominal surgery. Gender and comorbidities were similar. Laparoscopy bowel resection and operating time of three hours or more were associated with SSI--but barrier attire was not. Implementation of the new attire did not significantly impact SSI, hospital readmission, or reoperation."

Interesting questions are raised....."Has OR attire become part of our culture? Something patients expect?"

Additionally nurses with hearing loss may be interested in following this research topic.  

Read more about this study by clicking on this link.




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