Monday, September 30, 2019

For nurses who can't get the flu shot or don't want the flu shot

"If you opt not to get the flu vaccination, do you really want to wear a scratchy, paper mask for a 12 hour shift in order to protect yourself and others? Traditional paper masks, to be effective need to be changed every 2-3 hours, per the Centers for Disease and Control. Noel Kelsch in her article, Changing Masks, in Registered Dental Hygiene recommends that masks should be changed every 20 minutes in a wet environment, every 60 minutes in a non-aerosol environment, and between patients so providers do not pass bio-burdens from one patient to another."
Traditional masks can make the care provider feel separate and cut off from co-workers, patients and clients. Traditional face masks can also stifle the provider's speech, which hampers patient comprehension of what is being said."
Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to still have comfortable mask protection that fosters connection and clear communication.

The solution?

"The Communicator mask with a clear window is designed to provide inclusion and accessibility while maintaining the ASTM Level 1 standard of care. We encourage all readers to discuss your medical history with your medical provider to determine whether a flu vaccination is right for you. Whatever your reason to consider forgoing the influenza vaccination, you can still protect yourself by wearing mask protection!"

"Get The Communicator mask to protect yourself, protect others, and keep the lines of communication open!"

Read more about the "Communicator mask" in an article written by Dr. Anne McIntosh, President of Safe 'N' Clear.

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