Thursday, December 12, 2013

Give nurses in wheelchairs a chance

An article written by Alexandra Pecci for Health Leaders Media includes an interview with Marianne Haugh, a nurse born with spina bifida, who happens to use a wheelchair.

Marianne was a 2013 Daisy Award winner at Shriner's Hospital in Chicago. She is also a clinical instructor for nursing programs in the Chicago area.

This is what a parent wrote about her:
"Marianne has continued to be an exceptional nurse. She is always on point with patient's needs, very professional, and has never once allowed the fact that she is in a wheelchair herself prevent her from carrying out whatever task needed to be done. I trust my son in her care hands down and have no doubt others feel the same."

You can read more about Marianne and her journey by clicking on this link.

Would you give a nurse who uses a wheelchair a chance? If so, why? Why not?

Please share your thoughts.

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