Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thankful to people who give and people who say thanks!

Every year awards scholarships to nursing students with disabilities.

The funds for these awards are not always easy to come by. We use money from donations, small grants and sales of the book "Leave No Nurse Behind: Nurses working with disAbilities".

It is so heartwarming to receive a thank you letter from one of our recipients. This letter and a photo arrived yesterday.

Dear Exceptional Nurse Scholarship Committee:

As a 2013 scholarship winner, I wanted to take some time to once again share my appreciation of the help you have provided for me.

I just finished my freshman semester with a 3.3. GPA. Considering I had sciences along with other courses, I believe I did pretty well.

I continue to work as hard as I can to become the best possible nurse I can be. I am wishing you all very happy holidays and once again thank you for believing in me....

If you bought a book, made a donation or funded a grant request.....we thank you for believing in so we in turn can believe in others.......

Happy Holidays!

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