Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Gift of life could help a nurse!

Ever think an organ donation could save the life of an aspiring nurse?

Think again....and meet Laurie Lukianov. 

Laurie was born with biliary atresia. As a toddler she made the

headlines when she became one of the first patients in the country

to receive a liver transplant from her father, a living donor.

At 13 years old, she needed a second liver transplant. It came from

an organ donor and resulted in a fight for her life.

She won the fight! 

Now she is the mother of a 6 year old boy, works in a local

emergency room and is finishing her first year of nursing school

at Brockton Hospital School of Nursing in Massachusetts.  

She plan to become a transplant nurse following graduation from

nursing school. Laurie is also an advocate for organ donation. Her

message is that the gift of life is never lost on the recipient.

Laurie's story was covered on ABC News

Have you signed up to become an organ donor? Learn more about organ donation at

Read more about Laurie at 

Please share this information about organ donation. What a

wonderful gift! And, who might even help a nurse!

Thank you!

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