Friday, June 26, 2015

Good Things About Being a Nurse with a disability


     The American Journal of Nursing published an article called

"10 good things about being an older nurse" written by Alice

Facente, MSN, RN.

Alice lists:

        Older nurses have empathy and death isn't so frightening.

Older nurses are not easily fooled and not bothered by computer


       They have x-ray vision and tricks of the trade. In addition, they

collaborate, trust their personal judgment and appreciate the

energy and enthusiasm of new nurses. Older nurses also have a

sense of  humor.

       Since many nurses with disabilities are also "older" nurses,

does this list apply? Or, are there other good things to add to the


      Can you help develop a list of good things about being a

nurse with a any age?

        Please share your thoughts below.

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