Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Self care for nurses with disabilities

Let's face it...being a nurse is a tough job. And, we all need to take some time to care for ourselves so we can continue to care for others. 

But, what about our colleagues with disabilities who are working with additional challenges? 

Imagine working a 12-hour shift as a staff nurse walking on a prosthetic leg? Or, being a nurse with a hearing loss reading lips for 12 hours. Think of all the nurses working with chronic back pain. 
Or, struggling with mental health issues. Self-care may be particularly important for some of these nurses. 

Some suggestions for nurses with disabilities include:

Take the long way home and enjoy a new view.

Get or give yourself a facial.

Call an old friend.

Try a laughter yoga class.

Take a bubble bath.

Get an adult coloring book and start coloring. 

Watch a funny movie. 

Buy flowers for yourself or stop and pick some wild flowers.

Go to the library and get a good book to read.

Join a support group for nurses with disabilities.

Recognize that you are entitled to take a break and care for yourself. 


                              Because You Matter!

Take good care!

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