Monday, August 31, 2015

Heathcare Workers with Motor Impairments – Part 2

Elisabeth Simpson, Consultant/ Motor 

Team of The Department of Labor's 

Job Accommodation Network and I continued our collaboration 

on a number of questions related to healthcare 

workers with impairments and reasonable 


The "Ask JAN Blog" was posted on August 18, 2015 and includes discussion of the following four questions.

1) When a limited schedule is needed (e.g., 10 hour shift in place of a 12 hour shift), would allowing this for one nurse on a unit really be a hardship for the other nurses working? 

2) For medical professionals with upper extremity limitations, what are some alternative ways to place a catheter (male or female)? Is maintaining a sterile field ever a concern?

3) How can a medical professional who uses a cane or mobility device address concerns around sterilizing the device? 

4) When a patient lifting device is not available, what are some alternative options that a medical professional with a lifting restriction could consider?

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