Friday, December 4, 2015

Karen Zander reminds us "take a picture..tomorrow could be different"!

"Registered nurse Karen Zander elected to have spinal surgery to be able to walk better and with less pain. She suffered from tethered spinal cord syndrome, a disorder in which tissue attachments, or fluid pressure, impair the chord's ability to transmit sensory and motor information from the brain. The nearly 12-hour operation..... left Zander paralyzed from the chest down, as a result of complications during the procedure."

Karen Zander, was a speaker at Baystate Medical Center as part of the Schwartz Center Rounds. Her talk was entitled "The Journey from Waking Up Paralyzed to Living a Para-Normal Life," a title she said was intended to embody a little humor, with its reference to the paranormal, as well as to being a paraplegia, with loss of movement in her legs and sensation from the mid-chest down. 

In her talk she shared a message important for all of us....

"..take care of yourself, and every day that goes well, take a picture because tomorrow could be really different." 

"Karen is president and owner of The Center for Case Management, a Wellesley-based corporation. She continues to travel around the country to help clients balance costs and outcomes related to medical care. Earlier in her career, she had done psychiatric nursing, at New England Medical Center, and was involved with developing models of clinical case management for its Center for Nursing Case Management, the predecessor of the company she now owns. She holds a master's degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing from Boston University."

Read more about Karen and the Center for Case Management by clicking on the links below.

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