Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gripsors Bandage Scissors...must have for nurses with disabilities!

Sharon Zelinko, RN inventor of Gripsors Bandage Scissors

In 2005, at the age of 71, Sharon Zelinko, RN invented Gripsors! Her invention grew from a desire for a single multi-purpose tool that could be used to grip, twist and cut.

Sharon's brother-in-law, an engineer, helped her put her idea on paper and develop the drawings needed to move forward with product development.

Gripsors are stainless steel bandage scissors with fine grooves and hooks that allow nurses to grip items, twist, insert or extract. They can grip IV tubing, G-tubes, oxygen connections and vials. The style with hooks can open saline vials and work as an oxygen key. 

Available in three styles, Gripsors come with hook and gripping teeth or with gripping teeth only. Prices range from $8.97-$10.99. 

The benefits to nurses with limitations related to hand strength, dexterity or limb loss are exciting. 

Could other nurses benefit? Please share your thoughts below.

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*Learn more about Gripsors at Products created and inspired by nurses!

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