Friday, May 27, 2016

What does a stroke and a career on Wall Street have to do with becoming a nurse with a disability?

In a word.....     Everything!

In June of 2015, I wrote a post about Paul Coyne who was born with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

I shared the following about Paul.

"He suffered a stroke at the age of 22, moved on to work on Wall Street....and then decided to become a nurse. He was the student speaker at his Columbia University graduation. His speech will touch you....and renew your faith in why we do the work we do."

"Paul's speech also reminds us that disability doesn't always mean the end...sometimes it can be a new beginning. You can listen to his moving speech by clicking on the link below."

But...wait, gets even better!!! There is an update about Paul!

 On May 18, 2016, Paul received a doctorate in nursing practice from Columbia. This degree is in addition to his bachelor's and master's in nursing from Columbia and his combined MBA in healthcare management and master's degree in finance he earned at Northeastern University.

Please read the article Columbia (link below) wrote about Paul. It will inspire you....

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