Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nurses and nursing students with disabilities: The American Red Cross needs you!

In the aftermath of the tragedy in Orlando, we are reminded of the selfless acts of so many.

We can all do something to help--- donate money, give blood, become an American Red Cross volunteer or reach out to someone in need. 

Countless nurses serve the Red Cross as part of disaster response teams, at health fairs, military clinics and hospitals, manning first aid stations and promoting blood donations. Nurses also teach and develop CPR, and First Aid, Disaster Health Services, Nurse Assistant Training, Babysitting and Family Caregiving courses. They also serve in leadership roles on local and national boards. Nursing students volunteer with the Red Cross and gain valuable experience often leading to a lifelong opportunity for service.

In the book "Nurses with Disabilities: Professional Issues and Job Retention", Leslie Neal-Boylan wrote, One nurse talked about volunteering for the American Red Cross.. "they are extremely accommodating." She told the people who offered her a volunteer position about her disabilities and they told her that was not a problem."So they want me on the disaster team. I'm gonna be teaching for them...I can't teach all day so a class that's 8 hours, I can split up any way I want" (p.71)

With thanks to the countless first responders, police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, American Red Cross volunteers and strangers who helped and continue to help out in Orlando.

Our heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their partners, friends and families.

           Orlando strong, America strong!


Neal-Boylan, L. (2012) Nurses with Disabilities: Professional Issues and Job Retention. New York: Springer Publishing.

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