Thursday, October 27, 2016

Keep moving forward: Are you on suspension or do you have a restricted nursing license?

State boards of nursing use different statutory language related to restrictions, suspensions, stipulations, probation and surrendering a license. It is hard to know exactly how many nurses have suspended or restricted licenses.  If you are one of these nurses, you may be eager to continue to work in nursing or a related field, but don’t know where to turn. Finding a nursing or healthcare related job may take some time and effort, but it can be done!

Let’s think about it this way, if you have a restricted license or your license is suspended, you still have a degree in nursing and valuable skills. Consider areas where you can use your nursing knowledge in broader terms, beyond traditional nursing positions. Begin to think about health related fields. Change your keyword search from “nursing” to “health related”.

Consider gyms and health clubs
Do you practice yoga? If so, why not become a yoga instructor? Build your own business teaching yoga to patients with cancer, arthritis or chronic pain. Also, consider becoming a Reiki master.

Like anatomy? Many massage and yoga instructor training programs require students to study anatomy as part of the training. Who better than a nurse to teach this content?

Explore opportunities with insurance company fitness programs like Healthways “Silver Sneakers” fitness program. You could become an instructor.

How about teaching health to middle or high school age students? A school system may only require you to have a degree in a health-related field in order to teach health.
Consider teaching CPR, first aid, water safety, babysitting or other health related courses for the Red Cross or American Heart Association.
Love maternal/child care? Consider becoming a childbirth or breastfeeding educator.
Does your local school system offer adult education programs? If so, consider developing a health related program and presenting your idea to the appropriate department.

Nurse Recruiter
Working as a nurse recruiter or for a staffing agency may be an option to consider.

Nutrition Consultant
Are you interested in promoting good nutrition and healthy eating? Consider becoming a nutrition consultant. Some nurses have started their own businesses offering classes within their communities.

Faith based programs
Does your church, synagogue or mosque have a parish nurse? If so, consider volunteering with him or her to take blood pressure after services or make home visits.
Love being in the library? How about considering a position in a university medical or nursing school library?

Teach the American Lung Association’s “Open Airways” program to children with asthma in schools.
Consider volunteering with the Red Cross or at a free clinic or homeless shelter.

Write a blog about your experiences. It can be a source of income and could be helpful to other nurses. Online and print publications are also a place to consider writing articles about your area of expertise.

Medical Coding
There are medical coding courses offered at community colleges and online. Learning medical coding can lead to employment with medical offices and consulting firms.

Medical Foster Care
Infants and children with special needs are in dire need of foster homes. Consider opening your home and sharing your nursing skills with children in need.

Developmental Disabilities
Many children and adults with special needs live in group homes and other settings. Groups homes and programs providing services to people with disabilities often need nursing expertise. Find out how you might be able to help. Teach a class on hand washing, food safety, hygiene, nutrition or cooking healthy meals.

Network, network, network
Tell everyone you know that you are interested in working. Stay connected with other nurses as well.

Be prepared for tough questions you may be asked. Rehearse responses. Be honest with employers. Explain your disciplinary action, take responsibility and clearly identify ways you have remediated the situation.

You also need to work closely with your state board of nursing program or counselor and comply with whatever is requested. Try to keep your resume current if a return to traditional nursing practice is your goal. Work closely with your Nursing Board’s peer assistance program or counselor. They may have employment suggestions particular to your area of the country.

Any other suggestions? I would love to read about your experiences.

Move forward!


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