Monday, April 30, 2018

UK launches online resource for nurses and patients with endometriosis

“While this began as something for patients, from a nurse’s point of view it’s also going to be so useful because it helps them signpost patients to the right treatment much quicker,” according to Wendy Norton, a senior sexual health lecturer who worked on the team that created the resource.
It quickly became a resource for nurses themselves.

“There is still so little awareness of endometriosis among nurses and health professionals, so hopefully this resource goes some way towards changing that,” Norton added. 
“Nursing students will find it useful during their training, but also practice nurses will have something to refer to when patients present at GP clinics.”
"On average, it takes about seven years to reach an accurate diagnosis for endometriosis. That statistic is not different among nurses, who may be suffering from symptoms but are unaware that they, too, might have endometriosis."


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