Sunday, May 6, 2018

Brittle bone disease (OI) didn't stop Kristal Nemeroff from becoming a nurse!

Kristal Nemeroff, RN, School Nurse

In a NICHD podcast interview for DNA Day, Kristal Nemeroff shared her journey with a genetic condition and being a clinical research participant. She also spoke about her pursuit of a career in nursing. In the interview, she recounted:

       I did meet a lot of barriers when I started my journey through nursing school....and experienced barriers from professors...who were a little uncomfortable seeing somebody with a wheelchair rolling into the nursing program..... I just wanted to work with them as much as possible....

There's a lot of different roles for nursing out there....and just because I might not fit some roles in nursing doesn't mean that I'm not going to find a good fit somewhere else.

I kept saying this...

"I will find my place in nursing. I just need you guys to believe in me that....I belong here too".

Listen to the complete podcast by following this link. You can also hear Kristal sing!!

Bravo Kristal!!!


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