Sunday, March 7, 2021

Exciting news for nurses who use service dogs. Times and guidelines are changing!


People Magazine reports that a "golden retriever has been trained to be a laboratory assistant for his disabled neuroscientist owner — and even wears his own canine PPE."

"Service dog Sampson is required to wear PPE for safety reasons as he helps owner Joey Ramp conduct her crucial lab work every day."

"Joey, 56, suffered traumatic head injuries following a serious horse-riding accident in 2006 and returned to education to gain a better understanding of the human brain."

"Sampson, dressed in goggles and a lab coat, is the first-ever canine to be granted access to a chemistry laboratory at The University of Illinois."

"If I drop something in the lab, he'll come to my side, and I can use him as a brace to kneel down and pick up what I need," said Joey of Champagne, Illinois, who is also a disability advocate. Sampson is also on hand to spot signs and react to Joey's PTSD."

Great news for nurses who use service dogs!

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  1. How wonderful is that! Thanks for sharing that story. I am surprised that it was never mentioned in my Alumni Notes. My graduate work was at the U of I - Chicago.