Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How about a new movie "Disabled Nurse goes to Washington"?

Remember “Mr. Smith goes to                                                                     
Washington”? The movie was controversial—

ahead of its time. And, clearly demonstrated the 
impact one person can have on American politics.

So I ask…..

Why aren’t more nurses involved in politics? And,

particularly why aren’t more nurses with 

disabilities involved in politics?

Here is an excellent opportunity to begin the


Every summer, the American Association 

of People with Disabilities (AAPD) places students 

and recent graduates with disabilities in paid 10-

week summer internships in Congressional 

offices, federal agencies, nonprofit and for-profit 


AAPD provides accessible housing, a stipend, and 

travel to and from Washington, DC for all summer 


You could be the voice of nurses with disabilities 

in Washington! Who better to speak to the needs 

of people with disabilities?

Think of all you could learn and share with 

leaders in Washington.

Think of all the networking you could do. 

Sounds like a winning opportunity!

And who knows? You could make a new

”Nurse with a disability goes to Washington!”

Learn more about the 2017 Summer Internship program at:

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