Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nurse Born Products...truly a kitchen table business!

Nurse Born Products got started after a neck injury took Sarah Mott, RN away from bedside nursing.

Sarah was working as a staff nurse on a busy surgical unit and constantly suffered from neck pain and headaches.

The pain was aggravated by her stethoscope draped around her neck. She was unable to find a stethoscope holder that helped. Sarah dealt with the situation by leaving her stethoscope on desks or stuffing it in her pockets. She always putting it down and losing it. 

Sadly, the pain took Sarah away from her passion, bedside nursing. While home thinking about what she was going to do next, Sarah decided to design a stethoscope holder. One thing led to another and the rest is history. The "Lotus" stethoscope holder was born! It's comfortable and attaches anywhere on your scrubs, pocket, waistband or tote bag. 

While developing the product, Sarah was inspired by many nurses she had worked with - they were always improvising and creating new ways to do things. These nurses inspired Nurse Born Products. 

The Mission of Nurse Born Products is to:

Provide a place where nurses and other healthcare providers can find innovative products that they can use at work and home.

Inspire nurses to Create, Design and Invent and to show the world what WE are made of!

Additional "nurse made" products include badge reels, scrub hats, jewelry and cherry pit heat/cold pads.

Could you benefit from a Lotus stethoscope holder?
Do you have a product you would like to sell?
Can you help Sarah with her KickStarter campaign?
Need a gift for yourself or a colleague?
Please visit Nurse Born Products and support the creativity of nurses! Let us know what you think of the products!

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