Friday, July 3, 2015

Becky Stowers, RN...a stroke survivor reminds us to think "FAST"

Becky Stowers has been a nurse for more than two decades and

never thought she would become a patient herself.

"The neurologist that saw me in the hospital told me I would never

go back to work again, and I told him that he didn't know who I

was," Stowers said.

It took four months of therapy twice a day for her to recover.

Becky had to teach her brain how to walk and speak. Despite

chronic pain and numbness, Stowers is thankful to be back with her


"I just feel blessed. I'm upright and walking, I thank God every day

for that, and I'm back to work."

You can read and hear more about Becky by clicking the link

below. Please share widely. We all need to remember to think


Take care,

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