Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Q & A about health care workers with impairments


Elisabeth Simpson, Consultant/ Motor 

Team of The Department of Labor's 

Job Accommodation Network and I collaborated 

on a number of questions related to healthcare 

workers with impairments and reasonable 


Three of the questions we discussed are presented in the "Ask JAN

Blog" posted on July 1, 2015.

1) For medical professionals with either a hand or arm amputation

OR restrictions that limit the use of one hand, what are some

alternative methods for giving injections? What about placing


2) For medical professionals who need to wear a brace or post-burn

glove, how can concerns around sterility be addressed?

3) Are there alternatives to taking a leave of absence during flu

season for medical professionals who are not able to receive the flu


     To read more about our discussion, potential solutions

and recommended resources.... please click on the link below.


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