Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mom + Pediatric Nurse + Amputee + Radio Show Host = Awesome!

"As the host of the online radio show Ask MomRN, Tamara Walker’s patients are people she will likely never meet. But the nurse of more than 20 years still feels like her Oklahoma City-based show fulfills the mission she trained for at Oklahoma Baptist University years ago."

“I consider what I’m doing to be non-traditional nursing,” Walker said. “I’m still able to use a lot of my nursing experience in order to share important information, advice, and support."

“The things that I learned in nursing school and as a nurse have all combined to start this platform.”

Tamara Walker never expected her nursing career would lead to her own radio show, appearances in local and national media, or to a spot as a child health expert on The Rachael Ray Show.

Her motivation for becoming a nurse was a desire to provide the same type of care for others that she received as a child.

Tamara wears a prosthetic leg due to a birth defect.

Pediatrics was a natural fit for her. She worked in pediatrics at Baptist Medical Center for three years.

"Working with an artificial leg was challenging, especially after spending several hours on her feet."

Click the link below to read more about Tamara Walker's journey and the "Ask MomRN" radio show.

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