Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering nurses on 9.11

Today, I would like to remember and thank all of the nurses who worked on and following the attack on 9.11.2001.

Maj. Jennifer Glidewell is one of those nurses....

She recounts...."the memories of the hours following the order to get out come to Glidewell like snapshots." 

"She remembers hearing someone say that there was a patient in the Pentagon courtyard and running to see what she could do to help. She remembers seeing that patient emerge from the side of the building where the plane hit with his clothes ripped up and his skin "just hanging off."

"She remembers the first time she saw the smoke billowing from the building and realizing that "it wasn't just a drill." She remembers taking charge of the triage in the courtyard. She remembers getting the notification that there was another plane inbound and they had 20 minutes to get everyone out. She remembers getting told just two minutes later that the plane wasn't 20 minutes out, it was 20 miles out."

"We all just looked at each other and said 'well, I guess we just keep working until it gets here,'" she said. "Not a single person left the courtyard."

"She remembers her medic asking to go into the burning building to look for survivors. She remembers the three-star Air Force general coming up to her and asking where she needed him to be."

"There was no rank that day," Glidewell said. "There were just people taking care of people." 

"At the end, she remembers going back into the courtyard and standing among the body bags, still waiting, still hoping that one more person would be brought out alive. No one ever was."

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Where were you on 9-11? Were you a nurse on duty that day or in the days to come? Were you injured or disabled? 

Please share your story....we can NEVER forget!

With thanks,

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